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Lunch at Wendy’s

December 28, 2011

It’s noon time, I’m four hours on the road, and we’re stopping to eat at Wendy’s.

Fast food burger places have little cardboard containers for fries. Wendy’s puts their burgers into these containers sideways. It’s neat, because then you can see the side of the burger and then determine how big it is at a glance.

But it sucks.

They used to have foil wrapping for their sandwiches. Now they have some sort of paper. Maybe it’s butcher paper, or maybe it’s just a low-grade wax paper. (Does wax paper come in grades? This paper wasn’t very waxy, if it was waxy at all.)

This means the paper is going to be a greasy mess when you grab it. You don’t know if this burger is the one without mayo or not. The new stuff is great for presentation, but terrible for function.

Speaking of mayo, the sandwiches are drenched in it. Worse, the mayo is all on top of the sandwich, with the lettuce and tomato and onion. So everything just slides apart. Mayo should be on the bottom of the sandwich, so that the bun isn’t greasy to hold. It creates very distinct layers instead of a sloppy mush. With the foil wrappers, this wasn’t a problem because everything is stacked upright. With the new sideways containers, things are just built to fall apart.

So Wendy’s is kinda sucky now, is what I’m getting at.

And the woman working the register, she couldn’t have been any older than me, got my order wrong. Not wrong, but wrong. I ordered a quarter pounder (single patty) with cheese, and then she tried to ring me up for a #2; a double patty combo meal! Quarter and double are both two syllable words, but the sound of them is very distinct. I mention this because I am typically described as being soft-spoken. But my mother ordered a quarter, and the woman tried to ring her up for a double as well!

Maybe double fits the trend. Maybe she’s trained to try to capitalize on people’s rush. Maybe, despite her young age, the woman is hard of hearing (the poor dear, if that is the case). I don’t know what the problem could be, but it most certainly was not my normal soft-spoken voice. My mother is most definitely not soft-spoken, so there could be no mistake of communication there.

And now (at the time this was written) I have 4 hours left in this road trip and I already feel bloated 20 minutes later.


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