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So much for my resolutions!

January 3, 2012

I listed off my 12 resolutions for 2012.  2 of those items are to do things daily: to write something of substance daily; to practice drawing for an hour every day.

One day into 2012, and I’ve already failed.  I wrote nothing today (today is the 2nd, despite it technically being 1AM on the 3rd).  I didn’t even draw anything on the 1st.  I’m pretty bad at this whole “resolutions thing,” it would seem.

So what did I do today instead?  What was so important?  Uh…

I ran heroics in World of Warcraft with Simpsons Rule.  I took a break (he had to go) and watched this week’s episodes of Unskippable, LoadingReadyRun, and Checkpoint (all produced by the very funny people of LoadingReadyRun).  Then he returned online, my dinner was ready, and then we ran more heroics while I ate.  And then I stopped, watched some more videos on the internet, and then we did more stuff in World of Warcraft.

That’s pretty much how I spent most of my day, just watching videos and playing WoW.  Of course, I only woke up at 2PM, so I had already lost time for today.  Maybe I should have resolved to get 16-18 hours out of my days, without sleeping in past 10AM!

But I just wrote this blog post, so I fulfilled my goal for writing today.  I’ll still have to write tomorrow.  I’m also going to draw for 3 hours to make up for the two days I missed.  Well, no, I won’t.  Practice isn’t something that can be grinded out like in an MMO, so I’ll just be doing the one hour thing.  But I’ll make sure to feel really bad about missing these first two days.

Tomorrow, I’ll get my web comic ideas typed out, before I forget them.  Maybe even get my Skyrim posts finished, too!

Tomorrow will be a better day.


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