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Drawing Practice #1

January 4, 2012

I practiced drawing the female form for an hour today.  I drew three full-body women and an assortment of upper torsos.  None of them were proportional!  That was to be expected, though.  I haven’t drawn the human body in 8 years.  Back then, I had reference materials to work from.  Even so, I thought it was more important to be creative than to learn anything about human anatomy.  Ah, the ignorance that comes from youthful arrogance!  (I drew the various body pieces as if they were some sort of bio-mechanical contraption.  I’m sure it all looks really cool (if I recall, my teacher commented as much), but I can see now that I completely missed the point of the lessons.)

Anyhow, I know that I can’t draw the female form in proportion now.  I know it, if that makes sense.  All I need to do now is fix what is wrong, and then I’ll be set!  If I had a scanner (or even a decent camera), then I would post these sketches online for evaluation.  For now, all I can do is look at these sketches, see that they look wrong, and then tweak some things until I get it right.  In other words, practicing through trial and error.

I also drew my authenticator from Blizzard.  I went by sight to draw the basic shape, then by reference to get the details in.  To my surprise, I got the size of the device down perfectly.  I think it’s important that I drew something by reference, though.  It was probably more valuable than the female figures!

You know how when an artist is depicted in film or animation, they’ll raise their thumb and compare it to the subject they’re drawing?  They’re doing something with perspectives and proportions or something when they do that.  Anyway, that’s what I did with my authenticator! I used my thumb as something of a ruler.  Is this where the “rule of thumb” idiom comes from?  (If Boondock Saints is to be believed, then no.)

Tomorrow, I’ll work some more on human anatomy.  I’m really bad at drawing people, but it was actually really fun to just sit down and work on whatever for an hour.  It was time better spent than just mindlessly browsing the internet.  That’s a reward per se.  (Per se means “in itself,” right?  I’m trying to use it atypically.  I’ll look into this later.)

Tomorrow is going to be great.


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